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Youre right your right. this isnt my place i shouldnt be getting involved im sorry love. but i asked her on anon and my heart broke into tiny little pieces. Either way you deserve the best and i wish you all the best. Im sorry again

No I understand people are upset that we aren’t talking and you want to help but I just can’t hurt her anymore


when ur trying to act chill


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Ive been following Elly for more than a year and ive never seen her this miserable. If you think shes better off without you you should re-think some stuff.Hold on hun im going to ask if shes better off. I cant have you lovelies not being friends the world just wouldnt be right. shes online im pretty sure, do you mind if i go off anon and message you both? You probably dont like publicly answering.. but im shy. Grr let me talk to her

I’m not fussed love but I can’t have her in my life right now. I need my head fixed and she is better off with out me. Trust me, I hurt her way to much by being in her life.



"The hyper-sexualization of little girls and their bodies, as a mother, really bothers me. It plays into the sexualization of their bodies into their teenager years and adult life. It makes them grow up faster than they need to. Let them be little girls, have fun, be able to play in the playground and not worry about going on the monkey bars because someone’s going to see their underwear. Something like this constricts their movements, which affects the way they play."Jenny Reid, a volunteer firefighter with Langford Fire Rescue, says the costume is not only offensive to women in her field, it’s also damaging to the self-esteem of little girls.
"That costume is awful and it sends the wrong message," she says. "It reinforces that there are still jobs that are off-limits to women. It’s not a representation of the real job. Little girls can do whatever they want. They shouldn’t be restricted. Those types of costumes put so many limitations on them. They don’t build the self-esteem and confidence you need to be a firefighter or police officer." " [x]

I’m just disgusted they’re sexualising something a seven year old will wear 




Linkin Park - Numb † More Here

The Vampire Diaries


I just wanna have abs…olutely all the pasta and breadsticks


So yesterday I went to armageddon my uncle bought me an early birthday present and I got to take a photo with the supernatural trio :D